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Hiring Options

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be a daunting task. It can take hours and hours to create the job description, post the job on several sites, wade through hundreds of unqualified candidates, interview, test and then make your final selection.

At HireSmartVAs.com, we cut the time down to 90 minutes.

That’s right. We will provide you with 3 high quality candidates that all you need is to interview them for 30 minutes each and then you can make your selection. It is that easy.

Some of you may also need some of our additional tools to help you in the management and on-going evaluation and we have those available for you as well.

Take a look below, place your order and we will be in touch. The process takes about 7-10 days from order to interview as we specifically find the VA you specifically need. But, while we do our work – you can do more of yours.

Hiring Service Options - Features Included



3 Superior Candidates for Interview from Staffing Agency in Philippines

Our staffing agency will take your job description, advertise & select 3 candidates for you to select from.

Tested for Aptitude & Skill Level

Each candidate will be evaluated and tested to be proficient in basic office and problem solving skills. Each candidate will also have good English skills. VAs that will be in a Customer Service/ Sales role will have excellent English speaking skills.

DISC Profile for each Candidate

We will provide a DISC profile for each candidate for your review.

Clear Criminal Background Check

All VAs are screened for a clean national criminal check. We do this as we know your intellectual property and your data needs to be handled with extreme care.

Internet Speed & Technology Confirmation of Candidates

A great VA is only as good as their technology. Internet speeds will be a minimum of 2mbps. Candidates will also have a minimum computer technology. You will be provided a screenshot of their internet speed.

How to Get Started Documentation

You will receive our Getting Started Guide which is detailed checklist of what you need to consider & have.

Job Description Templates for Admin, Sales, or Technical VA

We will provide you with our best templates for creating your job description. The better your job description, the more accurate we will be able to be in helping you find your VA.

Policy/Procedure Manual Template for VAs

We will provide you with a policy & procedure manual that will outline the client/VA relationship. It will be fully customizable, but have the basic broiler plate of information that needs to be communicated upfront. We have found that clients who have this document & implement the tend to have better relationships with their VAs as everyone understands the rules.

Onboarding Documents

Fully customizable onboarding documents for your VA. We will provide you with an outline & recommendation training for your VA so that you and your VA get off the a great start.

30 Minute Consult/ Evaluation of Client for Technology & Readiness

Often times, we find that clients are excited about hiring VAs, but they aren't sure about the technology or phones & emails. We will walk you through the basics of what you need to think about so that you can be fully prepared and ready for your new VA.

US Pre-screen of Candidates to Insure Top 3 Candidates meet all Clients Criteria

Our US Team will interview the candidates once the staffing agency has selected their best. We will provide you with our screening notes and written evaluation of each candidate. If for some reason the staffing company has not provide 3 acceptable candidates, we will re-order to make sure you have 3 top notch candidates that we would hire in one of our businesses. This will save you time & provide peace of mind that the 3 you receive will be excellent candidates for you.

Training Map to Prepare for VA's Training with Client

We will provide you with a recommended training outline and schedule. This detailed mindmap will save you a lot of time.

Key Performance Indicators & Best Practices for Managing VAs

We will provide you with our VA evaluation tools - everything from our daily reports, to performance reviews. We will also guide you through the process to create your own KPIs & metrics.

Hiring Guide & Sample Interview Questions

We will provide you with a detailed hiring guide & sample interview to make sure that even if you have never hired before, you will have plenty of guidance so you can hire with confidence.

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