Different Forms of Communication


We all use many forms of communication, but most of us haven’t spent much time understanding the different forms of communication. Which form of communication we use the most and whether or not it is effective. Understanding the different styles of communication is essential if we’re aiming to develop the effectiveness on how we interact…

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Hiring is Hard


Have you ever hired someone and wished you hadn’t their second day on the job? Allowed a non-performing staff member continue way past their effectiveness date, just because you didn’t want to face letting them go? Hired a friend or relative because you knew them and thought they would care, but later found out, they…

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Onboarding a New Virtual Assistant


Anytime you have a new team member, you need to provide a way to integrate them into your team. Onboarding a new virtual assistant is a key step in the process. Here is a short video to explain how we recommend that you get started with your onboarding and training process. We hope that you…

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Management Tools to Help Remote Workers


I wanted to provide a short list of valuable tools to help with your remote staff. I have categorized them into a function so that you quickly review and pick those that you like. Videos for Training Camtasia – https://www.techsmith.com/store/camtasia This is the Boss for video editing. It is a paid program, but it is…

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Leadership Communication Skills


Knowing the basics to improve leadership communication skills helps good leaders balance these four managerial aspects: planning, organizing, communicating, and conducting. But the main thread that ties those functions together is communication. In this article, we will share with you how to improve your success through proper leadership communication techniques. These 3 leadership strategies will…

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Training and Development


Training and development is necessary for each person involved in our business. Proper training contributes a huge impact in every step of progression our business. The better you are at training and development, the more success overall your business will have. It requires collaborative efforts to meet the overall objections of the role. Staff’s performance…

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5 Things You Need To Know When Working With A VA


If you are trying to scale and grow your business and you are doing it alone, you are going to hit a wide, massive plateau eventually. From administration to marketing tasks – these time-consuming activities will hold you back from focusing on what you are supposed to do, which is what you enjoy. Once you…

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Remote Team Building Activities


Another challenging concept in managing a team remotely is incorporating your remote staff into your organization. Since you can’t take them to lunch or do the types of bonding activities you might do with your local folks; we need to look at other remote team building activities. We have talked about building an atmosphere of…

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