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Property Management

Hiring is Hard


Have you ever hired someone and wished you hadn’t their second day on the job? Allowed a non-performing staff member continue way past their effectiveness date, just because you didn’t want to face letting them go? Hired a friend or relative because you knew them and thought they would care, but later found out, they…

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Proof from Broker/Owner the PM Business is Changing Rapidly

NARPM-BO Retreat

OK so I’m not going to make the best photographer the world has ever seen but I saw this and it’s indicative of where the industry is heading. A visible proof from Broker/Owner the PM Business is changing rapidly. Have you noticed that each year at Broker/Owner there is a certain buzz around a specific…

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Simple Things Help Tremendously


Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at a regional NARPM conference about Solving You Biggest Operational Issue in 30 Days. It was a great event and I loved connecting and providing great information to my fellow NARPM members. As a Broker of my own Property Management business, I know firsthand the troubles and…

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