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We're not interested in nickel-and-diming you as you work to add a virtual assistant to your team. Inside, we provide a flat-fee package that covers all of the steps associated with landing a new VA for your business. We also offer training packages for you and your virtual assistant, to expand upon their foundational skills and take your working partnership a step further. 

Platinum Package

$2.495.00 flat fee
  • Aptitude & Skill Testing
  • DISC Profile Generation for Each Candidate
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Internet Speed & Technology Confirmation of Candidates
  • How to Get Started Documentation
  • Job Description Templates for Admin, Sales, or Technical VA
  • Policy/Procedure Manual Template for VAs
  • Onboarding Documents
  • 30 Minute Consult/Evaluation of Client for Technology & Readiness
  • US Pre-screen of Candidates to Insure Top 3 Candidates meet all Clients Criteria
  • Training Map to Prepare for VA's Training with Client
  • Key Performance Indicators & Best Practices for Managing VAs
  • Hiring Guide & Sample Interview Questions
  • Training & Certification

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