Tasks That You Can Delegate to Your Virtual Assistant


We’ve come across entrepreneurs who needed help, however; they were not sure what tasks one could delegate to a virtual assistant. This article is to shed some light on those who are seeking the help of remote staff. Thanks to the internet and the development of online tools, remote workers are now capable of doing more than what they used to. They have helped small to medium size businesses grow by managing their tasks from answering phone calls to taking care of their social media presence. They helped entrepreneurs free their time so they can dedicate more time to develop their business more.

In our previous article – How to Delegate Tasks – we have outlined the important steps a business owner has to take before assigning tasks to their staff. But how do you know which tasks you need help with? As a guide, you can ask yourself these questions and make a list:

  1. What repetitive tasks am I doing on a daily basis? We are not even aware sometimes but there are a lot of repetitive tasks we are doing every day that are eating up so much of our time, and that includes, checking voicemails, returning phone calls, replying to emails, managing your calendar, etc. Imagine how much time you can take back if you manage to find an assistant who can do this on your behalf.
  2. What are the things I can’t do? Perhaps you needed an expert to help you with some things? A virtual assistant might be an answer to that.

Now that you have the list, you can then categorize them according to your VA’s role and its level of difficulty. To guide you further, here are the common roles that a virtual assistant can perform for your business:

  1. General virtual assistant – Tasks would include: responding to email, receptionist duties handling inbound and outbound calls, booking appointments, calendar management, taking minutes of the meeting, database building and file management, bookkeeping, email management, chat management, personal errands like booking flights and reminders etc., Proofreading documents, internet research, creating reports, transcription, simple ebook layout/formatting, forms creation, data mining/lead generation.
  2. Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant – open social media accounts in different platforms (I.e., facebook, google+, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), planning and posting sticky content, research for strategies to increase traffic to the website and the social media platforms, writing, editing and sharing blog posts.
  3. Real Estate Virtual Assistant – (We would like to note that there are different kinds of real estate virtual assistants. We will outline some generic roles just to give you an idea.) Create and maintain marketing materials, setting up and confirming client appointments, prepare the marketing plan for selling the property,  enter new data in MLS, proofread and edit images for listings, handle feedback, newsletters,  post and manage ads in craigslist or similar sites, respond to email and phone general inquiries, preparing and filing paperwork, follow up with prospective buyers or tenants, transaction coordination.

Other ad-hoc tasks:

  1. Dropbox/Google Drive Organization
  2. Creating or Managing Spreadsheets
  3. Preparing powerpoint presentations
  4. PDF conversion, splitting and merging
  5. Moderating blog comments
  6. Checking voicemail
  7. Sending client invoices
  8. Basic editing of audio and video files
  9. Podcast setup
  10. Copywriting
  11. Keyword research for blog content
  12. Competitor analysis
  13. Designing logos and banners
  14. Designing infographics or images using Ccom
  15. Training of new virtual staff

In HireSmartVAs, we provide a step by step guide in helping you make the most of your virtual staff starting with choosing the right one and even help with pre-training them as well! Book a free call with us to find out how.