What I Learned From College…

What I Learned From College

Earlier this month my husband Mark and I were invited to speak in Washington DC at an event called REALTORfest. Because it is summertime and we had some extra time, we decided to enjoy the journey and drive. We were able to see some great sites along the way.

On the way home, I wanted to visit my old alma mater – Sweet Briar College. It had been 27 years ago since I walked foot on that campus. Why did it take so long to go back? Well, it is in a very small town in the middle of nowhere. Getting there is a destination, not a pass through. 2 years ago Sweet Briar made the national news for the Alumnae saving the college from closing. I wondered if I would ever be able to see it again. It was a huge feat, but we succeeded in saving the college.

As I walked the campus, I saw this banner.

It reads “There’s nothing that you cannot do. Holla! Holla!”. I look back at my life since leaving this campus 27 years ago and those words resound truer today than they ever did back then.

My husband and I have several businesses that we run. Most are centered around real estate, but my favorite by far is HireSmartVAs. You see over 3 years ago now, I was tired, frustrated, cranky, and just plain ready to give up. I had a revolving door of staff members whose personal issues kept becoming my business problem.

When I was first introduced to the concept of hiring a virtual assistant (VA), I was very intrigued, but skeptical. I thought it sounded too good to be true. Certainly, there had to be a catch…

It took me 6 months to do my research, get my questions answered, find the right partner, and hire my first virtual assistant. Then for the next 6 months, I plugged every hole, crossed every chasm, and learned everything that I needed to know that I didn’t even know I didn’t know at first.

A little over 2 years now, one of our closest business friends wanted to have lunch with us. She couldn’t believe how smoothly things were now going in our property management/ real estate business. She asked, what was different. We told her about Theriza. She was in disbelief. I said, “do you want to talk with her to prove she is real?” “Absolutely!”. I got Theriza on the phone and our friend couldn’t believe it. Excellent English, happy personality and my personal life savior.

Our friend asked if we could help her find her Theriza and HireSmartVAs was born. (She still has those original VAs by the way and a couple more.) It changed her life like it did mine.

I have had the opportunity to help a lot of business owners have the same freedom and results that we have had. The best part is we are the easy button for our clients. We take the task of finding great talent from hours and weeks down to less than 3 hours of their time. We have a proven process that works repeatedly. We also save our clients’ money, an average of 60% over a local hire. We also give you all the tools and information to help you in every aspect you will need to be successful.

In addition to helping my US clients, I get to impact the world by helping quality virtual assistants find great positions that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Helping improve their family life. It’s the ripple effect.

I was not the brightest, most popular girl on campus at Sweet Briar, but I was empowered by the opportunities that I experienced there to grow into the business woman that I am today. It was great to remember those times and look back from where I began my career.

If you are struggling with productivity or staffing issues and need full-time dedicated staff – let’s chat and see if I can help. HireSmartVAs can help you design the life you want, whether that it is to grow your business or just have more work/family balance. It was a game changer for me and for a lot of my clients.

Holla! Holla!

P. S. If you want to chat about how we can help you – feel free to book an appointment. No obligation. I just want to see if I can help.